Sunday, November 8, 2009

Black Pyramid

Forming after the break up of, well Artimus Pyledriver and Palace in Thunderdome, these mass. locals pack a powerful punch on this sludge filled self titled. Post on stonerrock with the lead singer, he's a sweet dude. Show em love. Get this asap. In my top 10 for 2009 for sure.



Acid Bath

Showcasing Rax Digg's powerful vocs, and all around best (and first if memory serves right) band, Acid Bath was a sludge band formed in Louisiana in 1991. Their first album When The Kite Strings Pop is a fine demonstration of the sheer intensity of Acid Bath's sludgeness. Riggs has perfected the singing/scream aspect of heavy music, and one can't help but reflect on the fact that Riggs could enter any genre with his very flexible vocals. Anyway, best album by far is the kite strings pop, but their next album, Pagan Terrorism Tactics has the same sound as Kite, except with a more watered down feel. Breaking up in 97, Riggs went on to from numerous other bands, none reaching the intensity or heaviness of Acid Bath. I will also give you guys their early demos, released in 2005. Classics my friend, sheer classics.
BTW: Check out their sweet album art work as well. Both albums take artwork made by serial killers. Wicked stuff.




Early Demos

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hey mann, don't look sad bro. It's 1972, all is well man, shit did you see that dragon just fly by? Heck man. I must be flippin'. Hey man you hear that new graveyard album man? So friggin' groovy. Imagine if the doors met sabbath and then decided to have a wizard fight.

Psychadelic 70's influeced rock at it's downright core, Graveyard's 2008 self titled release is a magnificently crafted piece of work in the same vein as Pentagram, earlier Witchcraft and numerous others. The difference between these Swedes and all the rest is the thin layer of nastolgia that's crafted for each song. This album seriously could have came out in 1972, and I wouldn't know known the wiser. One of my personal favs of 2008, get it while the acid still hasn't kicked...shit. Too late.
Check em out:


Trippy Wicked

Sludge pirate music can only be used to describe these guy's first album, Lowering the Tone. One of my favorite bands, these guy's just released another album titled Movin' On. Combining heavy riffage with a distinct-nasaly vocalist, these guy's secure their spots in one of my personal favs.
Give em a listen. And pillage.
not to mention their full band name just invokes a badass vibe:
Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight


Movin On

Lowering the tone

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I couldn't get this whole fuckin' album out of my head all day today. Now I'm forced to share it with you. Possibly one of the best performances of the year, Philidelphia's Javelina go all out on their full length, Beasts Among Sheep. And that is truly what this album is. A fuckin' monstrousity of heavy music each song is crafted to revolve around the sheer brilliance of the vocals. Absolutely stunning, a raw piece of heavy sludge-doom metal is portrayed, and this my friends and faggos, is how music is meant to sound.



Church of Misery

Starting this off, I want it to these riff rippin' bastards are one of the many great sludge bands that come from Japan that in the next few posts hope to be showcasing. This first band has been kicking around since 97, and with their most recent release remind us just why Japan delivers some of the most excellent sludge my hears of ever heard. Releasing a pretty healthy amount Eps,LPs, singles and other numerous releases I can't offer you their full discography, but I do have their most recent ( and in my opinion best) album (Houses of the Unholy), along with Masters of Brutality (2001),The Second Coming (2004), and their Early Works Compilation. The best thing about Church of Misery is that they do in fact, like many bands fail to do, is get exceptionally better over time. The vocals of their early work for example sound good but completely different then on Houses of the Unholy. Keeping true to stoner rock bands at heart, Church of Misery may not be groundbreaking for there genre, but when they're on fire prepare to be faced with a personal conundrum. Cus its about to hit the fan.
BTW: cute lil tidbit. These dude name the majority, if not almost all of their songs after serial killers. Most of the artwork is pretty insane too.


WHY Early Works:Part One
do Early Works: Part Two
you Masters of Brutality
not The Second Coming
zombie Houses of the Unholy

Monday, November 2, 2009

Earthride Disc

With the ability to move the bowels of small infants withe the power of this mighy bass, I'd watch where you blast these next few albums friendos. Saw their bassist live with a side band of his (Nitroseed, pretty rad. Check em Here). Needless to saw this dude can slap the bass. Think sleep but with a faster groove, and more grindier vocals. Formed in the aftermath of vocalist Dave Sherman and Wino collaberation Spirit Caravan Earthride have released two albums. Taming of the Demons (2002) is the more slower, denser of the two and is an easy sit through. Once cannot help but think how awsome it would be to have the ability to just jam so effortessly. Following, Vampire Circus (2005) seems to speed things up a bit, and focus's more on stonery vibes. Nice portrayal of vocals here, and again an all around good effort, but Taming the Demons brought the fuckin' sludge.
Both are great.
In Fact Imma feelin' generous.

But first, check this rockin' sons a snitches at the space below, and show some love by buying stuff.

You (Vampire Circus)
Get (Taming the Demons)

Called Molt. Good instrumental album. Did a bit of vocals live, sounded pretty good. Instrumentals were so loud...still wickedness.




(BTW: This is the T-shirt design, the album design's below this. And in between that?

One of my albums of the year for sure. A fantastic display of fuzzed up stoner rock filled with trippy selections of...dare I say it? 90's rock? But none the less this is an immediate pick up for anyone who would like....anything. Picking up a load of influence over the years(although dissolved until recently), Blood focus's itself on the determination of the listener, although this whole album lays itself out fantastically, the standouts (Cleanliness,Relief) seem a bit more similiar. But in all honestly I've most likely to this album more times then you spoke to your close family today.
If you live near seattle wa., and enjoy some of the finest stoner rock in the business.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


A one man solo project by Robert Low, Lichens is more like a pyschic excorcism with yourself, if you were a monk. Low provides sparatic hums in odd arrangements of pitches against a heavy wall of tone...heavy but translucent. It seems Low has a specific outline for his sparatic jumble of noise, but all the while holding the beauty and softness of the actual music. To my knowledge he is still on a tour with Om, and I hear their live show isn't to be fucked with. His only major release, The Psychic Nature of Being, basically explains itself.
Check out the show mang!

nah man....


Only releasing a demo, this now dissolved funky stonerrifferic North Dakota should have garnered much more publicity then they did. Mixing sleep influenced bass distortion and well slewn together guitar riffs, Egypt perfectly captured the simple beauty of stonerrock. Only ranging in on 4 songs, this demo is argueably my favorite demo or LP of al time. Imagine if kyuss and sleep fought each other in space, and then had a brawl in a pub with Black Sabbath, while dousing each other in LSD, then you can imagine the sheer perfection of this album. Download immediatly. You won't regret it.

CHeck out the lead singers new project: El Supremo

Get this

Weedeater Disc

Catching these guys a few weeks ago with the likes of the mighty Melvins and the not so mighty Down, Weedeater is made up of the sludge king himself Dixie Dave and two other nukkas. Poking around for over a decade, this power house of noise was created after the brake up of Dixie's first band, the infamous Buzz*ven. If any of you are familiar with Bongzilla (Dixie's OTHER band) then you need to pick up Weedeater immediatly. Think Bongzilla with alot more heaviness and ALOT better vocals. Dixie takes over for vocal duties, and puts on a fantastic live show. If you have the chance to see these dudes live do NOT pass of the opportunity. Dixie went the whole 9 yards, swaying, swirling his eyes back in his eyes; basically it was pretty fuckin' wild.

As for the albums themselves, at first listen my immediate favorite was the single littered Good Luck and God Speed. Containing their most popular song (Evan's Sake), Good luck has some jewels on it for sure, but the all around summation of their catelouge would be the 2001 and Justice for Y'all. Not a bad song on the album, and really shows the best combinations of momentous sludge and horse vocals. Sixteen tons is sub par at best, but overall this band is one barnburner of a good time. Top notch sludge at it's finest.

Fuck (Justice for Ya'all)
off (God Luck and Good Speed)
Nazi's(16 Tons)

Friday, October 30, 2009


Fuck me. This band encompasses all that is good in the music realm. Ambiant, heavy sludge filled, distorted vocals all mark the beauty of this Italian band. There albums span from 2002-2008, but in my opinion this only is due for them rocking so fucking hard. By far there best in there 2nd release, the mighty Snailking. Think pyschy sludge covered over with seran-wrap. Anyhoodle. Don't download these. Listen to them. Blow your load. Then promptly delete them.
Check em:

You (Godlike Snake)
Shitheels (Snailking)
Fail (Idolum)

BTW they have two more releases, just check out their site though for more info.
They are FINALLY visiting the west coast this month, so if you live near Cali, make the fuckin' trip. From what I've heard of them, you'll require serious medical attention afterward. For having your brain shit on by some of the heaviest music I've ever witnessed.

Ogre's Disc.

Ozzy inspired vocals and a trumping 70's guitar sound highlight the sheer power of this next band. Tough as all hell to find around the interwebz, I was able to track down this bands three studio releases. My advice? Get them all. Buy purchasing them. Especially since this band recently held their last show in their hometown of Mass. But who am I to judge? Anyway. Give em some love at their myspace, and let the riffage begin.
Best album? 7 Hells in my opinion. Simply because Plague of the Planet is all one single track, which irks me simply as a music listener. Dawn of the Proto man is good, but not as heavy as 7 hells. Again my opinion. And again, don't download these. Purchase them.


Yawning Sons

I myself have never even listened to this next bands former projects (Yawning man,Sons of Alpha Centauri) but from the sound of this catchy as shit 2009 release, I most definitely will. I have heard that this album is the perfect soundtrack to a stoner bbq, and frankly this definition fully encompasses the mainly instrumental maelstrom of soft guitars and ambiance that is Ceremony to the Sunset. For some reason this album seems to set the tone for a japanese battle to take place, but that may just be me. Best tracks include Tomahawk Watercress, Japanese Gardens(personal favorite, the opening guitar is quite possibly the catchiest thing I've heard in my live, and Wetlands. The whole album is a magnificent demonstration of the simple power and elegance of the guitar. Check it the fuck out.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

A suggestion from a friend

My buddies went to go see
dysrhythmia these past weekend at The Sonar in Baltimore (great venue btw), and were lucky enough to stumble upon these next guys. Called Hex Machine they are described as "Math Sludge", although from what I've listened to it seems more like noise ambient sludge. Anyway this is there only full length, titled Omen Mas, it's relatively short (40 minutes) but packs quite the punch. Think of a Jesus Lizard but with sludge deliciousness. Tiss Good shit.
Check em:


BTW I just checked these guy's myspace and their playing with Jesus Lizard soon. Whatever lucky fucks go to this, welp...I'm surely jealous.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Post!

Hey guys...

So where should I start?

Names Nathan Gofuckyourself and I've been collecting music for years now. I just started using blogs myself as a source of music and started to think about all the shitheels (such as yourself) which would love some of hidden gems from my pretty extensive collection. Anyhoodle I guess I'll start this off with one of my personal favs...the mighty Elder. A massachusets based band; these dudes pumped out their first album last year and it's amount of epic stoner riffs are enough to blow your fuckin' mind. If you don't enjoy this album, than I'd highly advise you to go watch another Miley Cyrus video.

Be sure to show these guys some love at their myspace:

and for you fiends:
Password for this is Robixxx. This is due to the fact that I'm a lazy cunt who just copied this from another Blog. But the majority of the time I will upload my own music. So suck my fat one douschecunts.

Enjoy. Comment for what your looking for...if it's any good I'll post it.