Friday, October 30, 2009


Fuck me. This band encompasses all that is good in the music realm. Ambiant, heavy sludge filled, distorted vocals all mark the beauty of this Italian band. There albums span from 2002-2008, but in my opinion this only is due for them rocking so fucking hard. By far there best in there 2nd release, the mighty Snailking. Think pyschy sludge covered over with seran-wrap. Anyhoodle. Don't download these. Listen to them. Blow your load. Then promptly delete them.
Check em:

You (Godlike Snake)
Shitheels (Snailking)
Fail (Idolum)

BTW they have two more releases, just check out their site though for more info.
They are FINALLY visiting the west coast this month, so if you live near Cali, make the fuckin' trip. From what I've heard of them, you'll require serious medical attention afterward. For having your brain shit on by some of the heaviest music I've ever witnessed.

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