Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weedeater Disc

Catching these guys a few weeks ago with the likes of the mighty Melvins and the not so mighty Down, Weedeater is made up of the sludge king himself Dixie Dave and two other nukkas. Poking around for over a decade, this power house of noise was created after the brake up of Dixie's first band, the infamous Buzz*ven. If any of you are familiar with Bongzilla (Dixie's OTHER band) then you need to pick up Weedeater immediatly. Think Bongzilla with alot more heaviness and ALOT better vocals. Dixie takes over for vocal duties, and puts on a fantastic live show. If you have the chance to see these dudes live do NOT pass of the opportunity. Dixie went the whole 9 yards, swaying, swirling his eyes back in his eyes; basically it was pretty fuckin' wild.

As for the albums themselves, at first listen my immediate favorite was the single littered Good Luck and God Speed. Containing their most popular song (Evan's Sake), Good luck has some jewels on it for sure, but the all around summation of their catelouge would be the 2001 and Justice for Y'all. Not a bad song on the album, and really shows the best combinations of momentous sludge and horse vocals. Sixteen tons is sub par at best, but overall this band is one barnburner of a good time. Top notch sludge at it's finest.

Fuck (Justice for Ya'all)
off (God Luck and Good Speed)
Nazi's(16 Tons)

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