Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Post!

Hey guys...

So where should I start?

Names Nathan Gofuckyourself and I've been collecting music for years now. I just started using blogs myself as a source of music and started to think about all the shitheels (such as yourself) which would love some of hidden gems from my pretty extensive collection. Anyhoodle I guess I'll start this off with one of my personal favs...the mighty Elder. A massachusets based band; these dudes pumped out their first album last year and it's amount of epic stoner riffs are enough to blow your fuckin' mind. If you don't enjoy this album, than I'd highly advise you to go watch another Miley Cyrus video.

Be sure to show these guys some love at their myspace:

and for you fiends:
Password for this is Robixxx. This is due to the fact that I'm a lazy cunt who just copied this from another Blog. But the majority of the time I will upload my own music. So suck my fat one douschecunts.

Enjoy. Comment for what your looking for...if it's any good I'll post it.

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