Monday, November 2, 2009

Earthride Disc

With the ability to move the bowels of small infants withe the power of this mighy bass, I'd watch where you blast these next few albums friendos. Saw their bassist live with a side band of his (Nitroseed, pretty rad. Check em Here). Needless to saw this dude can slap the bass. Think sleep but with a faster groove, and more grindier vocals. Formed in the aftermath of vocalist Dave Sherman and Wino collaberation Spirit Caravan Earthride have released two albums. Taming of the Demons (2002) is the more slower, denser of the two and is an easy sit through. Once cannot help but think how awsome it would be to have the ability to just jam so effortessly. Following, Vampire Circus (2005) seems to speed things up a bit, and focus's more on stonery vibes. Nice portrayal of vocals here, and again an all around good effort, but Taming the Demons brought the fuckin' sludge.
Both are great.
In Fact Imma feelin' generous.

But first, check this rockin' sons a snitches at the space below, and show some love by buying stuff.

You (Vampire Circus)
Get (Taming the Demons)

Called Molt. Good instrumental album. Did a bit of vocals live, sounded pretty good. Instrumentals were so loud...still wickedness.



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