Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hey mann, don't look sad bro. It's 1972, all is well man, shit did you see that dragon just fly by? Heck man. I must be flippin'. Hey man you hear that new graveyard album man? So friggin' groovy. Imagine if the doors met sabbath and then decided to have a wizard fight.

Psychadelic 70's influeced rock at it's downright core, Graveyard's 2008 self titled release is a magnificently crafted piece of work in the same vein as Pentagram, earlier Witchcraft and numerous others. The difference between these Swedes and all the rest is the thin layer of nastolgia that's crafted for each song. This album seriously could have came out in 1972, and I wouldn't know known the wiser. One of my personal favs of 2008, get it while the acid still hasn't kicked...shit. Too late.
Check em out:


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