Friday, October 30, 2009


Fuck me. This band encompasses all that is good in the music realm. Ambiant, heavy sludge filled, distorted vocals all mark the beauty of this Italian band. There albums span from 2002-2008, but in my opinion this only is due for them rocking so fucking hard. By far there best in there 2nd release, the mighty Snailking. Think pyschy sludge covered over with seran-wrap. Anyhoodle. Don't download these. Listen to them. Blow your load. Then promptly delete them.
Check em:

You (Godlike Snake)
Shitheels (Snailking)
Fail (Idolum)

BTW they have two more releases, just check out their site though for more info.
They are FINALLY visiting the west coast this month, so if you live near Cali, make the fuckin' trip. From what I've heard of them, you'll require serious medical attention afterward. For having your brain shit on by some of the heaviest music I've ever witnessed.

Ogre's Disc.

Ozzy inspired vocals and a trumping 70's guitar sound highlight the sheer power of this next band. Tough as all hell to find around the interwebz, I was able to track down this bands three studio releases. My advice? Get them all. Buy purchasing them. Especially since this band recently held their last show in their hometown of Mass. But who am I to judge? Anyway. Give em some love at their myspace, and let the riffage begin.
Best album? 7 Hells in my opinion. Simply because Plague of the Planet is all one single track, which irks me simply as a music listener. Dawn of the Proto man is good, but not as heavy as 7 hells. Again my opinion. And again, don't download these. Purchase them.


Yawning Sons

I myself have never even listened to this next bands former projects (Yawning man,Sons of Alpha Centauri) but from the sound of this catchy as shit 2009 release, I most definitely will. I have heard that this album is the perfect soundtrack to a stoner bbq, and frankly this definition fully encompasses the mainly instrumental maelstrom of soft guitars and ambiance that is Ceremony to the Sunset. For some reason this album seems to set the tone for a japanese battle to take place, but that may just be me. Best tracks include Tomahawk Watercress, Japanese Gardens(personal favorite, the opening guitar is quite possibly the catchiest thing I've heard in my live, and Wetlands. The whole album is a magnificent demonstration of the simple power and elegance of the guitar. Check it the fuck out.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

A suggestion from a friend

My buddies went to go see
dysrhythmia these past weekend at The Sonar in Baltimore (great venue btw), and were lucky enough to stumble upon these next guys. Called Hex Machine they are described as "Math Sludge", although from what I've listened to it seems more like noise ambient sludge. Anyway this is there only full length, titled Omen Mas, it's relatively short (40 minutes) but packs quite the punch. Think of a Jesus Lizard but with sludge deliciousness. Tiss Good shit.
Check em:


BTW I just checked these guy's myspace and their playing with Jesus Lizard soon. Whatever lucky fucks go to this, welp...I'm surely jealous.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Post!

Hey guys...

So where should I start?

Names Nathan Gofuckyourself and I've been collecting music for years now. I just started using blogs myself as a source of music and started to think about all the shitheels (such as yourself) which would love some of hidden gems from my pretty extensive collection. Anyhoodle I guess I'll start this off with one of my personal favs...the mighty Elder. A massachusets based band; these dudes pumped out their first album last year and it's amount of epic stoner riffs are enough to blow your fuckin' mind. If you don't enjoy this album, than I'd highly advise you to go watch another Miley Cyrus video.

Be sure to show these guys some love at their myspace:

and for you fiends:
Password for this is Robixxx. This is due to the fact that I'm a lazy cunt who just copied this from another Blog. But the majority of the time I will upload my own music. So suck my fat one douschecunts.

Enjoy. Comment for what your looking for...if it's any good I'll post it.