Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Church of Misery

Starting this off, I want it to these riff rippin' bastards are one of the many great sludge bands that come from Japan that in the next few posts hope to be showcasing. This first band has been kicking around since 97, and with their most recent release remind us just why Japan delivers some of the most excellent sludge my hears of ever heard. Releasing a pretty healthy amount Eps,LPs, singles and other numerous releases I can't offer you their full discography, but I do have their most recent ( and in my opinion best) album (Houses of the Unholy), along with Masters of Brutality (2001),The Second Coming (2004), and their Early Works Compilation. The best thing about Church of Misery is that they do in fact, like many bands fail to do, is get exceptionally better over time. The vocals of their early work for example sound good but completely different then on Houses of the Unholy. Keeping true to stoner rock bands at heart, Church of Misery may not be groundbreaking for there genre, but when they're on fire prepare to be faced with a personal conundrum. Cus its about to hit the fan.
BTW: cute lil tidbit. These dude name the majority, if not almost all of their songs after serial killers. Most of the artwork is pretty insane too.


WHY Early Works:Part One
do Early Works: Part Two
you Masters of Brutality
not The Second Coming
zombie Houses of the Unholy

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