Sunday, November 8, 2009

Acid Bath

Showcasing Rax Digg's powerful vocs, and all around best (and first if memory serves right) band, Acid Bath was a sludge band formed in Louisiana in 1991. Their first album When The Kite Strings Pop is a fine demonstration of the sheer intensity of Acid Bath's sludgeness. Riggs has perfected the singing/scream aspect of heavy music, and one can't help but reflect on the fact that Riggs could enter any genre with his very flexible vocals. Anyway, best album by far is the kite strings pop, but their next album, Pagan Terrorism Tactics has the same sound as Kite, except with a more watered down feel. Breaking up in 97, Riggs went on to from numerous other bands, none reaching the intensity or heaviness of Acid Bath. I will also give you guys their early demos, released in 2005. Classics my friend, sheer classics.
BTW: Check out their sweet album art work as well. Both albums take artwork made by serial killers. Wicked stuff.




Early Demos

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