Friday, October 30, 2009

Yawning Sons

I myself have never even listened to this next bands former projects (Yawning man,Sons of Alpha Centauri) but from the sound of this catchy as shit 2009 release, I most definitely will. I have heard that this album is the perfect soundtrack to a stoner bbq, and frankly this definition fully encompasses the mainly instrumental maelstrom of soft guitars and ambiance that is Ceremony to the Sunset. For some reason this album seems to set the tone for a japanese battle to take place, but that may just be me. Best tracks include Tomahawk Watercress, Japanese Gardens(personal favorite, the opening guitar is quite possibly the catchiest thing I've heard in my live, and Wetlands. The whole album is a magnificent demonstration of the simple power and elegance of the guitar. Check it the fuck out.


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