Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lenny Bruce: Buyer Beware

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Including six discs of previously unreleased material. this compilation collecting a hundred and twenty tracks of one of the most vulgar and infamous comics of all time, Mr. Lenny Bruce. Inciting laughs and stirring the mental psyche of all who listen to him, Bruce still maintains a grip on the American mind which many don't even realize. Nearly any comic you hear on comedy central today heavily borrows if not downright steals a lot of the mannerisms that made Bruce so fascinating to listen to. The buyer beware discs get the introduced listener a pretty wide range of material to judge Bruce on, but there are still alot of more infamous performances, such as his recording at Carnegie Hall. Still though, his legacy will forever be apparent as long as their are people in abuse of power.

Lenny Bruce: Buyer Beware part one
Lenny Bruce: Buyer Beware part two

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  1. had a listen to some of his stuff

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  3. Never heard about this guy, but I'll check it out, thanks. Finding proper stand-up comedians is a pain in the ass, sometimes.

  4. New name to me! I'll check it out.

  5. a lot man, i'll be checkin them